internal package Foswiki::Configure::Pluggable

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internal package Foswiki::Configure::Pluggable is a Foswiki::Configure::Section

Support for placeholders in a configuration that represent a pluggable UI block, i.e the blocks used for downloading extensions, managing plugins, and managing languages.

A pluggable block may be a simple section with dynamically generated configuration entries (e.g. generated programatically after inspecting the disk) and/or may have special semantics, or may have a special UI which may override the behaviors of a standard item. Normally pluggables are sections, containing values and other sections. If this isn't appropriate, you will have to implement a new visit() function for saving configuration data.

StaticMethod load($id) → $pluggableSection

Loads a pluggable section from Foswiki::Configure::Pluggables::

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